Andri Ferris had lost everything – his career, his reputation, and his liberty. Falsely accused of causing a spaceliner disaster in which hundreds died, proving his innocence led to his real crimes as a hacker coming to light. So he could not have been more surprised when Spaceforce, the interplanetary crime fighting agency that had pursued him, offered him a job.

Now newly trained and awaiting his first assignment, Andri is not expecting to be partnered with the very agent who arrested him. Beautiful but distant, a gifted pilot and a deadly shot, Captain Jez is also an enigma. It’s clear that she is not an Earth human, but she won’t talk about her origins.

When their first joint mission turns from a routine space training into a nightmare race against time, with the life of a Taysan royal prince and the alliance between Earth and Taysar on the line, Andri has to learn fast – to be a good Spaceforce agent, and to work with his difficult partner.

And when a charming Taysan agent called Jay gets involved, Andri and Jez encounter a shocking dark side to this cultured, ordered Empire.

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