Pride of Edinburgh collides with meteor near New Scotland

Pride of Edinburgh collides with meteor near New Scotland

United Worlds Spaceways liner Pride of Edinburgh suffered catastrophic hull damage shortly after leaving New Scotland atmosphere at 15:36 UST today.

United Worlds Spaceways’ Pride of Edinburgh

One hundred and forty-seven passengers and crew were ejected into space as a meteor in the system’s notorious Hebridean belt ripped out a section on the Excalibur class liner’s port side. Automatic internal bulkheads sealed in time to save the other one thousand nine hundred and two people on board, and the ship was able to return to New Scotland and make a safe emergency landing at Inverness Spaceport.

Massive shield failure was reported by the pilots to space traffic control moments before the asteroid hit.

“We will work around the clock to uncover the cause of this tragedy,” said a spokesperson for United World Spaceways at a media conference shortly after the crash. “UWS has an impeccable safety record and we will ensure that nothing like this can ever happen again.”

Asked if sabotage was suspected, UWS declined to comment.

Most of the one hundred and forty-seven victims were from New Scotland and Earth. The Pride of Edinburgh was bound for Earth City Spaceport. A full list will be released after all relatives have been informed. In the meantime, anyone concerned about someone onboard should contact NS 7979 0005.

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