Prince Ragoth to visit the United Worlds

Prince Ragoth to visit the United Worlds

Her Serene Highness Empress Thalia issues the following decree to her loyal subjects

His Imperial Highness Prince Ragoth of the Imperial Court is to honour the United Worlds of Earth with his presence on the planet Hope, as the crowning moment of the Earth colony’s Millennium Celebrations.

Prince Ragoth believes that we should extend the hand of friendship warmly to all worlds outside the Empire, and that the continuing Peace depends on understanding the ways of the more barbaric peoples of the galaxy.

It is to shine the light of the Empress more brightly in the darkness beyond our borders that His Imperial Highness will sail the sea-beyond-the-sky to Hope, which is deep within the Union’s territory, and address the honoured populace at a ceremony to celebrate the colony’s one thousand year anniversary.

Her Serene Highness wishes the blessing of Lonn upon her youngest son, for the success of his mission and his safe return.

Hope, in the United Worlds of Earth


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