Deadline – next instalment of Spaceforce out now!

Deadline – next instalment of Spaceforce out now!

deadline3_sw (1)Deadline – the second instalment in the Spaceforce series – is out now!

We meet Andri Ferris, a cybercriminal who finds himself recruited into the United Worlds of Earth’s crime-fighting agency Spaceforce – at the insistence of Captain Jez, the sharp-shooting, enigmatic officer who arrested him in the first place.

And we catch up with Jay, the renegade Taysan with a talent for lies and seduction, still getting away with what he can when he can – despite working as an agent for the Empire.

When a Taysan Prince goes missing on an Earther colony world, Spaceforce’s most reluctant recruit and his mysterious new partner cross paths with the Empire’s most flamboyant spy. While Jay heads straight for trouble of the usual sort, Andri’s training mission turns into a desperate race against time. At stake – the Prince, the Peace, and Andri’s last chance.

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