Take THE PLUNGE at Fantasia this Third!

Take THE PLUNGE at Fantasia this Third!

The Union’s only theme world opens its most ambitious thrill ride yet

The Plunge

Head out to Fantasia this third quarteryear to experience the Galaxy’s ultimate thrill – a naked plunge into the centre of a planet.

Those ingenious dreamcrafters at Fantasia have drilled a hole through the planetoid, no less, and intrepid guests can enter what the company is calling a ‘Plunge Capsule’ to drop right down to the core. And back again, as the laws of gravity take over and falling becomes bouncing right back up.

“It’s an exhilarating dive into the very centre of the world,” says Karen Chase, Chief Ride Engineer at Fantasia, Inc. “The Plunge Capsules are designed to be invisible, to make the rider feel as if there is nothing between them and a bottomless pit. It’s twenty minutes of sheer terror.”

Asked whether the ride was inspired by the ancient fantasy tale Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Dr Chase admitted, “No, by a physics problem I was set at school on simple harmonic motion. What would happen if you could jump through the centre of a planet? The answer – that gravity would make you bounce back up – was so counterintuitive that I wanted to make a ride of it one day!”

And is the mass of Fantasia, which is technically only an asteroid, really sufficient to cause this effect?

“Dreamcrafters have their ways of weaving magic.”

The Plunge opens 25th August.

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