Oblivion now available

Oblivion now available

oblivion-swOblivion, third book in the Spaceforce series, is now available here in the US, and here in the UK! 


It’s a whole world, after all

Fantasia is the Galaxy’s ultimate holiday destination, the greatest theme planet in the United Worlds of Earth. It’s wholesome fun for all the family – until Fantasia’s top engineer Karen Chase plummets to her death at the opening ceremony of The Plunge, the planet’s most ambitious ever thrill ride.

When Jez and Andri are sent to investigate the gruesome accident, they soon find that all is not what it seems.

Meanwhile, Jay is also heading for Fantasia, out to avenge the death of a fellow agent. And he is eloping with a woman the strict laws of the Taysan Empire forbid him to marry, hoping to seal their union before justice catches up with them.

What is the connection between the death of Karen Chase, and the murder of the Taysan agent Mizal? As Jay and the Spaceforce duo join forces, they begin to uncover a web of dark secrets behind Fantasia’s shiny façade.

And the greatest secret of all could end the dream forever…

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