About Penelope Irving

I have been a fan of science fiction from childhood, first falling in love with Doctor Who at the age of eight and with Blake’s 7 at thirteen.  While I devoured the contents of my local library’s helpfully segregated sci-fi section, television remained my real passion. Ever since, very few shows have failed to inspire me – from the monumental Babylon 5 to the relatively obscure Sapphire & Steel.

Opera – singing it, and helping to produce it – is my other great love in life.

After graduating from Oxford University, I worked in PR for years, specialising in copywriting and ghosting articles in magazines. I now live in Scotland with my husband, lots of children and a very bouncy dog.

Since I can’t get enough of sweeping, romantic space operas with spaceships, larger than life characters, outlandishly odd civilisations and plenty of potential for shipping, I wanted to write a book series that could develop episode by episode like one of the great television sci-fi epics. That was the idea behind Spaceforce , my first published – and ongoing – series.

I’m also working on an entirely different series, High Note, a modern-day romantic drama set in the ruthless cut-throat world of amateur opera.