Oblivion Out Now!

Oblivion, the third book in the series, is now available from Amazon.

When theme world designer Karen Chase falls to her death at the opening of her latest ride, Jez and Andri are sent to investigate. They soon uncover a web of dark secrets behind the shiny facade of Fantasia, the Galaxy’s greatest holiday destination.

Meanwhile, Jay and Ashlenn have eloped together, fleeing the strict rules of the Taysan Empire forbidding marriage or any other kind of relationship between people of different degree. Jay is in pursuit of a killer, seeking revenge for the death of a fellow agent – and the investigation just happens to take him to Fantasia, where Mizal was found dead.

What is the connection between the death of Karen Chase, and the murder of the Taysan agent Mizal? And what has the Galaxy’s newest and most dangerous recreational drug, Oblivion, got to do with it?