The books

Book One

Jay a member of the elite Swordbearer Caste, as deadly with a firestaff as in the pilot’s seat. In a world where duty is paramount and traditions go back generations, Jay has trained his entire life to serve the Taysan Empire.

Except that is all a lie.

The son of a blacksmith, Jay slipped into the ranks of the Swordbearer Caste with a combination of lies, looks, and audacity. But when an assignment to the remote moon outpost of Car’a’vil brings temptation in the form of a warlord’s wife, even his charm might not be enough to save him. She knows the truth – and unless he can unravel the mysterious death of her predecessor, she will destroy him.

Book Two

Andri Ferris has lost everything. Career, home, Earth residence permit. He should be on Blackrock penal planet, a convicted cybercriminal – instead, Spaceforce has offered him a job. And Captain Jez, the very officer who arrested him, wants him as her partner.

Jay is a spy at the top of his game. In a society ruled by birth, etiquette and custom, where misfits face death, Jay’s talent for lies and seduction has made him the Taysan Empire’s best field agent. But even he can go too far – and his latest mission comes with a temptation too dangerous to resist.

When the son of the Taysan Empress herself goes missing on an Earther colony planet, Spaceforce’s most reluctant recruit and his enigmatic partner cross paths with the Empire’s most flamboyant spy.

A training mission turns into a race against time, as Andri and Jez uncover a secret the Taysans would do anything to hide.

Book Three

It’s a whole world, after all

Fantasia is the Galaxy’s ultimate holiday destination, the greatest theme planet in the United Worlds of Earth. It’s wholesome fun for all the family – until Fantasia’s top engineer Karen Chase plummets to her death at the opening ceremony of The Plunge, the planet’s most ambitious ever thrill ride.

When Jez and Andri are sent to investigate the gruesome accident, they find that all is not what it seems.

Meanwhile Jay is also heading for Fantasia, out to avenge the death of a fellow spy. And he is eloping with a woman the strict laws of the Taysan Empire forbid him to marry, hoping to seal their union before justice catches up with them.

What is the connection between the death of Karen Chase, and the murder of the Taysan agent Mizal? As Jay and the Spaceforce duo join forces, they begin to uncover a web of dark secrets behind Fantasia’s shiny façade.

And the greatest secret of all could end the dream forever…

Citizen Andri

Coming Soon!

A spaceship component factory on Manufacturing World 12, deep in the People’s Republic of Daros.  A recently re-assigned Production Operative, Grade Two reports for his new duties.

Citizen Risto 2571 is just one of a thousand other workers assembling parts for hull-mounted anti-spaceship weapons in Factory 53 by day, and enjoying Optional Wholesome Activities – such as synchronised marching or team chanting – by night.

And apart from a potentially reportable association with Citizen Petla, Computer Analyst, Grade Three, he is an exemplary and dedicated unit of the Great Darian Republic.

But Citizen Risto is not all he seems. In fact, Citizen Risto is not who he seems…

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