What is Spaceforce?

Spaceforce is a sci-fi adventure series with a crime fighting twist.


In Earth’s far future, the war against crime continues – and Spaceforce is on the front line.

An elite band of agents fights to keep the peace, while the Galaxy’s three superpowers teeter on the edge of conflict.

Earth is at the centre of a sprawling Union of colonies and assimilated alien worlds, holding its own against the ancient and hidebound Taysan Empire and the mysterious, totalitarian Republic of Daros.

Nearly 100 years since the Station One Agreement established a fragile peace between these three great galactic powers, Spaceforce is the interplanetary crime fighting agency struggling to preserve it.

Four agents fighting for peace – when they’re not fighting each other


Jez – exiled from her homeworld after a brutal civil war,  she clings to the remains of her scattered people’s principles. But life is hard when everyone else fears you for what you are.

Andri Ferris, a brilliant hacker with a shady past, was recruited into Spaceforce for his skills – not his integrity. He doesn’t want to be a space cop, but right now he hasn’t got a choice.

Ashlenn, an elite Taysan swordbearer now working for Spaceforce and the Union, hides heartbreak behind a tough exterior.

Jay is an agent for the Taysan Empire who survives on his looks and charm, and a talent for deception that few other Taysans share. But the secrets of his past are catching up with him, and for a man whose very identity is a lie, the truth is dangerous.