Spaceforce is the United Worlds’ central law enforcement agency, handling all crime that takes place in space, and any criminal situation which has interplanetary ramifications. It has jurisdiction by default in all worlds of the Union, and its officers outrank all local agents. ISIS, the Interplanetary Special Investigation Squad within Spaceforce, handles the most delicate and dangerous missions – including those involving non-Union citizens, or which must be pursued beyond the boundaries of Union space.

Officers of Spaceforce all wear uniform for identification purposes. Members of the elite ISIS squad work in pairs and have their own small, extremely fast warp-capable spaceships, custom designed for the force – ‘Swordfish’ class.

Spaceforce is headquartered in an a 300 year old listed space station orbiting Earth, Spaceforce Command, where officers live while on duty. There are local outposts throughout United Worlds territory.

Spaceforce’s motto is ‘Preserving the Peace’, and its logo is based on the symbol of the Triple Pact between the three great powers of the galaxy.


Spaceforce logo