The Characters


Exiled from her home world of Mixitor when a devastating civil war destroyed her culture, Jez (full name, Jeziandra of House Aznata) has lived a hard life since her teens. She was born to a life of privilige a member of the aristocratic governing class of her homeworld, but since the Uprising has survived in any way she could – feared and shunned by many in the United Worlds because of her race’s ‘vampire’ nature.

Now a Captain with Spaceforce, she keeps most people at a distance and concentrates on chasing criminals and flying her ship too fast. She would like to keep right out of politics – but unfortunately, her job keeps landing her right in the middle of one delicate diplomatic situation after the other.

Andri Ferris

Originally from an Earth agricultural colony, Andri’s talent for computer architecture won him a place at the prestigious University of Earth at the age of 16. After achieving a brilliant degree he was employed by the Union Central Bank as a ‘white hat’, testing and designing the bank’s security systems. Unfortunately, this led him into contact with the criminal underworld and offered temptations too great to resist. When the notorious cybercriminal ‘The Worm’ framed him for a fatal spaceliner disaster, Andri was pursued by Spaceforce and his real crimes came to light.


Now a newly-created lieutenant in Spaceforce, Andri is a reformed character – almost certainly.



Born into the Metalworker Caste, Jhal – Jay was a nickname originally given to him by his favourite sister – was destined to be a manual labourer on a remote Taysan colony world. He used his talents for deception to escape this life, impersonating first the Priest then the Swordbearer Caste, until he was betrayed to the authorities. Facing the ultimate punishment of being made outcaste, he agreed to serve instead as an agent for the Taysan government.

Charming and ruthless, going by whatever name seems expedient at the time, Jay uses his good looks and charisma as weapons to survive.


Ashlenn was born to succeed her mother as Clan Chief of Caro, a prominent Swordbearer Caste clan on Taysar. Brought up as a beloved only child in the family’s ancestral home in the sunny climate of Parmua, she abandoned her life of privilege to elope with Jay.

The ruthless customs of the Taysan Empire, which forbid marriage between people of different degree, forced them to separate. To escape disgrace and the dreaded punishment of being made outcaste, Ashlenn sought asylum in the Union and was recruited by Spaceforce. She is now struggling to make sense of a life very different from anything she has ever known, while hoping to be reunited with her husband somehow.