The People’s Republic of Daros

Capital world: Daros

Size: 146 worlds, a mix of Darian colonies and alien worlds that were ‘normalised’.

Years spacefaring: 600

Leader: Citizen One

Government: Totalitarian regime

Appearance:  Humanoid, pale skin, black hair, black eyes, physically impressive and sleek. Imperfect specimins are euthanised at birth.




Darian society was decadent and chaotic, with rival factions and races locked in constant warfare, until the glorious rebel leader Pelea joined forces with the genius scientist Revan to bring genetic and sociological conformity to all the peoples of Daros. After the Enlightenment, technological development proceeded apace and the warp drive was invented. Daros set out on a mission to colonise as many planets as possible, and along the way – when encountering alien worlds – bringing those species into genetic conformity with Darians – ‘normalising’ them.

Around 300 years ago the Darians encountered another warp-capable civilisation, the United Worlds of Earth. All attempts at normalisation of this new species were defeated by the Union’s massive firepower. Despite valiant attempts to defeat the deviant empire, the People’s Council eventually decided to sue for a false peace while biding its time to develop a plan to bring enlightenment to these worlds – and those of the Taysan Empire, which the Republic became aware of through contact with the Earthers.



The Committee of the People rules on Daros, appointed by the Assignment Board as to any other profession. Citizen One, Chair of the Committee, is appointed for life. His or her successor, appointed by the Board, serves as Citizen Two while Citizen One is alive, and succeeds after his or her death.


Social structure

Marriage, relationships and families do not exist. Sexual relations are forbidden. Children are assigned by artificial insemination according to the needs of society, and removed from mothers at birth to be brought up in nursery compounds. The concept of parenthood is offensive to Darians, or rather they are indoctrinated to feel this way, as is the concept of sexual relationships.

At the age of 12, following a thorough assessment, children are assigned a profession in life and begin training for it. These callings might be as diverse as cleaning operative or member of the Committee of the People. Once assigned, there is no flexibility or possibility of moving to a different profession unless in exceptional circumstances. Assignment is based purely on ability.

All Darians wear an identical black uniform, with minor variations to indicate status and profession.

Paranoia is encouraged, and citizens are required to report even the suspicion of ‘deviancy’ in others. Deviancy includes improper relationships with the opposite sex, voicing any kind of criticism of the Administration, or expressing an interest in one’s own offspring.

All planets in the Republic are run along identical lines, there is no cultural diversity. The Darians tend to turn whole planets over to specific functions, and have no interest in maintaining the ecosystem of a planet if a practical advantage can be gained from destroying it.



The Darian language is standard and universal throughout the Republic. No variations are tolerated. Speaking any other language is deviancy and punishable.



Atheism is mandated by law and any form of religious observance or curiousity is regarded as severe deviancy.



There is no money. Citizens are provided with what they need, according to their rank. Every citizen carries a ration chip. Rations are assigned according to rank and can be docked for misbehaviour.